Shining Star Academy of the Arts -
Columbia County's First and Finest Charter School

Established September 13, 2011

"Building Character Through the Arts"

7443 Highway 90 West, Lake City, FL 32055

Shining Star Academy of the Arts provides a rigorous academic curriculum that stresses English language proficiency and leads to high levels of academic achievement, especially in the area of fine arts.  We seek to meet all expectations as delineated in the Common Core Standards using a seamless alignment of curriculum, instruction and assessment.

To ensure effective instructional practices that meet the needs of diverse learners. We will maintain a safe and nurturing learning environment that inspires, challenges, and motivates artistically gifted students to achieve success in academic, social and career preparation by providing a supportive community that identifies, encourages and develops each student's interests and abilities. 

Educational Philosophy
We believe that children learn by doing through experiential learning, hands-on and minds-on discovery.  This applies to taking personal responsibility for themselves, decision making and problem solving in both intellectual and interpersonal areas. Developing the love of learning in an arts-centered atmosphere builds a commitment and passion, encouraging all students to become life-long learners and positive contributors to society.

Special Population
We focus on providing specialized education to individuals with a passion and aptitude for one or more of the arts areas as demonstrated by their intake interview/audition. Said population shall include students residing in Columbia, Hamilton, Suwannee, and neighboring counties within reasonable driving distance from the Academy.

Diverse Educational Community
There are many benefits to having a diverse educational community. Students attain knowledge about other cultures, ethnicity, and moral belief-systems through diverse interaction. We seek to prepare students for the challenges of the global community they will face in the future. 

School Theme
"Building Character Through the Arts" is the school theme. 

We seek Kindergarten through Seventh grade students with talent in an arts area. Shining Star Academy of the Arts is a Kindergarten through 7th grade charter school with an open enrollment policy for all students within reasonable driving distance who meet the same criteria as the regular public school children. Our only prerequisite is artistic talent.

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